Sandstone Melbourne

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Premium Sandstone – Melbourne

Looking for the best sandstone Melbourne has to offer? Rely on BKS Stonemasons. Sandstone is perfect if you’re looking for cladding a façade, restoring a heritage building– they’re aesthetically pleasing and vibrant, making them perfect for any indoor or outdoor application. If you’re wanting style and sophistication with a bit of a different look, we have a range of affordable sandstone solutions in a variety of beautiful tones and textures.

How Are Sandstone Pavers Made?

Sandstone is made from sand that is buried under multiple layers of sediment. This effectively compacts the sand, and a binding agent precipitated from water (silica, iron oxide, quartz, calcite to name a few) moves between the grains – and voila! You’ve got sandstone. With subtle warmth and beauty, they have an extremely fine grain composition which makes them great for all exterior applications.

If you have good taste, the way to go is sandstone. Melbourne locals can give BKS Stonemasons a call today on 0407 936 719.