Expert Façade Stone Cladding Melbourne: Elevate Your Exteriors

Facade stone cladding or exterior stone cladding is a century-old practice to enhance the homes or buildings with a luxury look. Though various types of facade cladding are available, natural stone cladding remains the most favoured by people. BKS Stonemasons offers excellent facade cladding service in Melbourne and suburbs. We have been providing stone cladding solutions to locals for over 14 years in Melbourne.

Why to choose facade cladding?

Facade cladding is the easiest way to add to the aesthetic appeal of your old-fashioned wall. With affordable materials and simple installation methods you can proliferate the overall visual appeal of your home. Facade cladding is beneficial in the following ways;

A.Visual appeal: facade stone cladding is the most preferred way of multiplying the aesthetic aspects of your exteriors.

B.Protection: Properly done stone cladding prevents chipping and aging of the concrete structures.

C.Durable freshness: Natural stones are durable and non-fading for several years. Thus, stone cladding gives fresh look to your walls for long duration.

Stone Cladding

D.Maintenance-free: Once fixed, stone cladding remains intact for longer periods without maintenance.

Our specialties

BKS Stonemasons is a reputed and trusted stone cladding installation company in Melbourne and suburbs. You can find us at South Yarra, Malvern, Toorak, Hawthorn, Eltham, Carlton, Surrey Hills, Fitzroy, Southbank, Warrandyte and many more places in and around Melbourne. We are your next-door stone cladding service provider. We are experienced and our crew is well trained, thus we offer quality stone cladding service at unbeaten costs. At BKS Stonemasons you have a wide range of natural stone varieties to choose from and all stone cladding accessories are quality-assured. We offer expert doorstep consultation and speedy installations. While considering the quality, durability, natural texture and added aesthetic are your concerns, then natural stone cladding is the right solution. Natural stones come with a higher price range.

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Connect with BKS Stonemasons for your obligation-free quote. We have custom cost patterns matching every project requirement. Request a call back to hear from our experts or call us on 0407 936 719 for more details. Avail our expert interior and exterior stone cladding service at never-before prices.