Mechanical fixing stone cladding in Melbourne

Stone cladding is used as one of the best options to beautify the interior and exterior of your home. It comes with large varieties of stones and designs. If you are looking for adding to the aesthetics of your home, BKS Stonemasons comes for your help. With 14 years of professional experience in stone cladding, BKS Stonemasons enjoy the reputation of a chosen, trusted and professional service provider of stone masonry in Melbourne and suburbs.

Are you looking for quality stone cladding service in Melbourne? We serve builders and locals with best quality stone installations and mechanical fixing stone cladding. Our craftsmanship brings you decorative stone cladding service to enhance the overall beauty of your walls, lobbies, interiors and exteriors. BKS Stonemasons offers wide range of custom solutions in stone cladding. Being mastered the craft of mechanical fixing stoner cladding, we offer the best quality stones and advanced fixing technologies to help you with durable, beautiful and certified stones for your home, office or buildings.

Why stone cladding?

Stone Cladding

Stone cladding has been used to enrich your interiors and exteriors with luxurious aesthetics. Stone cladding also gives the prestigious antique look to your home or buildings. Stone cladding is that handcraft which gives deep artistic precision to your walls. Stone cladding makes your walls durable and strong. Stones are resistant to chipping and stones withstand harsh weather conditions. Stone cladding gives versatile look to your interiors. Another obvious advantage of stone cladding is that stones works as efficient heat insulators.

Mechanical fixing system for stone cladding

There are various types of stone cladding available. BKS Stonemasons offers professional mechanical fixing stone cladding. Mechanical fixing system for stone cladding has obvious advantages over wet fixing.

A.Mechanical fixing gives enough room for expansion and contraction of natural stone.

B.The adhesives may loose the bonding capability over time and chances of the stone falling down is high.

C.Adhesive materials will absorb more water and will result in color fading.

Thus, mechanical fixing system for stone cladding is highly preferred for its advantages.

Mechanical fixing system for stone cladding

BKS Stonemason offers advanced mode of mechanical fixing system for stone cladding. From the selection of stones to the metal clamps used for fixing, we assure quality and professionalism. Having served prestigious clients in and around Melbourne, BKS Stonemasons remains a trusted brand and we deliver on time with unbeaten quality. 14 years of experience in stone cladding makes us the masters of the art and a reputed service provider in mechanical fixing stone cladding.

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