Preserving Melbourne’s History: Heritage Restoration Excellence

If you require professional and skilled heritage restoration experts that Melbourne has to offer, you can rely on BKS Stonemasons Pty Ltd – with over 18 years’ experience as a restoration stonemason, we’re your leading choice. We have a high attention to detail and authentic craftsmanship, which make us some of the best in the business. Thanks to our knowledge and skill with stone we have the ability to complete the accurate restoration of heritage buildings. Using in-depth research to determine the original appearance of the building we can bring your building back to its former glory. 

Heritage Restoration

Give us a call today to organise a professional, obligation free quote. We’re the heritage restoration experts with a team of stonemasons Melbourne locals rely on! Utilising the best methods and techniques, along with the installation of durable and authentic stone we can complete lasting and beautiful stone restoration for Melbourne clients across the city. Our full range of services include: 

Stone Façade Restoration

Beautiful and ornate a stone façade can add untold value and style to your property’s exterior. Over time and with constant exposure to extreme weather the stone can wear down and loose its prestige. To help revitalise and restore your property’s visual style and appeal, the experts at BKS Stonemasons can complete lasting and detailed stone façade restoration works and projects on buildings of all shapes and sizes. 

Heritage building restoration

BKS Stonemasons is a premium heritage building restoration provider in Melbourne and suburbs. We understand that heritage restoration requires deep knowledge of the historical significance and cultural value of the building and we do the best to preserve the historical charm. With our expertise & experience in restoring heritage buildings, we give new life and look to heritage buildings. We restore buildings in the original visual appeal. We understand that heritage buildings hold special emotions and meaning for the society, thus we painstakingly strive to restore historic structures into the authentic theme. 

Stone Carving Melbourne

Enjoy the beauty of intricate stonework that transports your property to the past thanks to the skilled team at BKS Stonemasons. Using sharp tools and our fine-tuned skills our team can complete expressive and beautiful stone carving across Melbourne’s metro area. At BKS Stonemasons we endeavour to deliver the best stonemasonry solutions to our customers throughout Melbourne. If you need heritage restoration, Melbourne locals can get in contact with BKS Stonemasons today on 0407 936 719. Thanks to our superior and personalised solutions we have a reputation as a leading heritage restoration company and stone restoration company that is set in stone. Click here to check our Instagram as well.
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